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Smiling Windows eliminates the need for a full window replacement by only replacing the bad and saving all that is good. Our experts are trained to tailor your window repair to your home and schedule. Saving you time, money and disruption to your lifestyle. Provide a few details about your project and connect with our team!

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When should a window be repaired? Almost always! Don’t buy into the “it’s cheaper to replace than repair” mantra of corporate salesmen. Especially for older homes, authentic and original wood windows are an asset that plays into homes value and design.

  • Foggy Windows Repair

    Foggy glass or foggy windows is a common issue that many house owners face. The reason why your glass becomes foggy is due to condensation occurring between the two glass panels. Which happens when you have a broken seal in your window. Let us help you with that and give your windows a new life.

  • Insulated Glass Window Repair

    Did you know that properly insulated windows are sealed with argon gas? Did you know that most repair companies skip that step which leads to lower home efficiency and costly future repairs. When we repair your windows we do it properly. And we guarantee our work with our 15yrs insulated unit warranty.

  • Window frames, sills and sashes

    Rotten frames and broken sills are not only unsightly but also lead to low home efficiency and larger problems down the road. It's much cheaper to replace a part of frame now then a whole window later.

  • Screens

    Replace a broken screen for a window or a door.

  • Thermal Pane Window Repair

    Did you know that windows can account for up to 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs? That means that standard windows can actually cost you tons of money in bills over time. A thermal pane window improves upon the standard design in a number of ways.

  • Door Repair

    It's always better to restore than replace. That is especially true when it comes to your doors. We replace and rebuild rotted and damaged wood. We can fix splits, peeling or warped veneers. We correct problems with proper operation of door and its hardware.

  • Furniture Assembly

    TV/Shelf mounting; Furniture Assembly; Light & Ceiling Fan fixture installation, replacement or repair; Vanity, Toliet and Faucets installation; Thermostat & Ring Doorbell or other security camera setup.

  • Painting

    Exterior / Interior painting services.

  • Window Restoration

    We will restore your older and historic windows to make them energy efficient and fully operational while maintaining the character of your building.

  • Window Hardware Mechanism Repair

    Window locks, handles, latches, hinges and anything else that might go wrong with your window. We will find the exact part that needs to be repaired or replaced and get your window working like new again.

  • General Carpentry

    Reupholstering dining room chairs? Yes, we can help. Updating your kitchen cabinets? Give us a call. Full house renovation? Give us a call for a free estimate and a design consultation.

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