Foggy Windows Repair

What causes foggy windows?

Your windows may be foggy due to extreme temperatures between the indoors and outdoors, an excess of plants around your home or a broken window seal (in double-pane windows). When your window seal breaks, moisture begins to form between the panes, giving your windows a milky, foggy look.

What can be done to fix foggy windows?

Before repairing foggy windows, it is important to understand why your windows fog up. Can you see where exactly does condensation appear? If there are water droplets on the inner surface, then it is likely that windows were improperly installed and glass unit is leaking. Most of the time, you see fog on your windows when the seal fails around your windows. Insulated windows use two panes of glass, with air between the panes. This air — usually argon or krypton — will increase the energy-efficiency of your windows. Energy-efficient windows keep temperature-controlled air inside the home. If window seal is broken and argon leaks out, your window is no longer properly insulated letting cold air in and warm air out.

Why should I fix foggy windows?

The moisture that creates foggy double-pane windows is almost always caused by a break in the window’s seal. It condenses into water droplets and can cause mold growth and damage to your windowsill. If left untreated it might cause your windows to loose insulation and lead to higher energy bills.

How to fix foggy windows?

Some companies, and even some DIY kits, offer services that claim to get rid of the window fog without replacing the window or even restoring the sealed window spaces. They drill holes in the glass, vacuuming out debris, and install micro-vents to ensure air ventilation. This method can give you clearer windows but unfortunately, it doesn’t last. More importantly, this method causes you to lose the energy efficiency advantage that your double-pane windows provide.

For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to find a professional to help with your foggy windows. If the window can be repaired, we will do our best to save the window and just replace the glass. But if the window must be replaced, our experts will insure that you get the right window that will last for years to come. And it will come with our 10yr warranty.

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